The company was founded 1948 by Rudolf Hartig in Losensteinleiten. The main produce back then was curtain rods. As raw material was scarce the company recycled American tin ‚care-packages‘, rolled them up, cut them into continuous strips, and pulled them into tubes.

After the company’s relocation to Enns, where Sudeten-German refugees (mostly from Gablonz an der Neisse, today’s Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic) were provided with workshop facilities, the company of Mr Hartig became a supplier of the Gablonzer fashion jewellery industry.

In 1979 Friedrich Zimmermann took over the company from his uncle. He realized quickly that the fashion jewellery sector was in decline and he started to realign the company’s focus. Thanks to his previous engineering and tool making experience, he restructured the company’s core business area and targeted automotive producers based in near Steyr. In the beginning he delivered different kind of spare parts for the assembly lines.

Over the years, the company developed profound expertise in the design and development of specialized appliances, and measurement and testing devices for the automotive industry. But also stamping and bending tools became core competencies thanks to the experience gained working for customers in the fashion jewellery industry.

The different needs and challenges of customers resulted in a never-ending search for constructive solutions in both the engineering and manufacturing field in order to construct prototypes for serial productions.

After the liquidation of the local jewellery cooperative ‘Gablonzer Genossenschaft’, Friedrich and his son Thomas commenced writing a completely new chapter of the company’s history. With the acquisition of trademark rights for "Gablonzer" in 2010, they added a new segment to the portfolio: Gablonzer Christmas decoration. These fine glass ornaments continue to be produced exclusively in Gablonz (Jablonec, CZ).

In 2013 Thomas Zimmermann followed his father’s footsteps and continues the family business in the third generation. Together with his partner Elisabeth they extended the commercial operation of Gablonzer Christmas decoration with fashion jewellery in order to keep up the local tradition.

At present, the company employs five employees and trains one apprentice.